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Multifunctional scanning probe microscope with full operational internet access



50 modes of scanning probe microscopy:

  • Contact atomic force microscopy

  • Resonant atomic force microscopy

  • Lateral force microscopy

  • Scanning resistance microscopy

  • Scanning tunneling microscopy

  • Tunneling spectroscopy

  • Controlled heat of the sample

  • Magnetic force microscopy

  • Force curve analysis

  • Nanolithography

  • Electrostatic force microscopy

  • Optical microscopy with internet data transfer

  • Measurement in air and liquid

Maximum functionality

FemtoScan combines compact size, powerful software, and remote access via the Internet. An open architecture provides special opportunities for research - now you can optimize the microscope for any, the most accurate experiment.

High Quality Electronics

The package includes a unique controller based on 16-bit microchips, which have record-low noises. Microscope electronics allows for more than 50 methods of scanning probe microscopy. Conduct research in various fields: in chemistry, physics, biology, medicine, nanotechnology, etc.

Convenience of Scanning

With FemtoScan, you can not only see objects of submicron size, but also get atomic or molecular resolution on the surface of crystals and films. A microscope allows scanning the same surface area of a sample with different magnification repeatedly. We made it possible for you to study the surface structure to the smallest detail.


One of the most important advantages of FemtoScan is the ability to make additions to the structure, create various add-ons to develop new measurement techniques and conduct experiments.

Ready to start?

Price of 1 FemtoScan full complect: 4 960 000 RUB


Images obtained using FemtoScan:


Diploid fungus Candida albicans

Silicon calibration grid with a height difference of 21 nm

Ethylene glycol molecules and polymeric thickener molecules

Escherichia coli

Escherichia coli bacterium by oligohexamethyleneguanidine

Polystyrene surface


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