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FemtoScan Inlight

For combined studies using AFM and interference microscopy


Scan Modes:

  • Atomic force microscopy

  • Scanning tunneling microscopy

  • Scanning resistance microscopy

  • Remote control of experimen

  • Magnetic force microscopy

  • Nanolithography

  • Electrostatic force microscopy

  • Optical microscopy with internet data transmission

Study of changing surface dynamics

FemtoScan Inlight is used to accurately measure the topography of reflective objects, it can be used to observe the flatness of a dynamically changing surface (for example, the face of a growing crystal), to measure film thickness (height of protrusions formed by the edges of the film and substrate). The microscope allows to explore samples in air and in liquid area. The principle of operation is based on the interference of rays reflected from the surface of the sample under investigation with a reference luminous flux of the same intensity.

Technical specifications


Parameter Value
Laser wavelength, laser capacity 650 nm, 4.5 mW
Horizontal resolution 1000 nm (500 nm)*
Vertical resolution 160 nm
Maximum field of view 3334x2500 mcm
Frame size at maximum magnification 800x600 mcm (400x300 mcm*)
Maximum image resolution 800x600 px
Frame rate 15 c-1
Dimensions 240x310x350 mm
Weight 5,5 kg

* for using an additional eyepiece lens

Images taken with FemtoScan Inlight

Interference image of crystal salt

Optical image of crystal salt in red laser illumination


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