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Bionanoscopy Research Center

Provides equipment for research in molecular biology, microbiology and molecular medicine by means of atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy. A scientific and educational center was established in Bionanoscopy Research Center and one of its tasks is attaining highly qualified specialists.

Research Center main task is - improving the quality of scientific research.



Research Center is located on the territory of Moscow State University, and that allows research teams, based in Moscow, to expand the range of tools regularly used at work.


Bionanoscopy Research Center involves 4 academicians, 2 corresponding members of RAS, as well as professors, teachers, scientists, researchers from MSU. The proportion of young scientists is more than 40%


Bionanoscopy Research Center  was founded in year 2000. During its existence members of Research Center organized scientific and practical school "Experimental analytical nanotechnology", held a lot of scientific meetings and workshops in molecular biology, microbiology and molecular medicine. Research Center "Bionanoscopy" is the founder of the annual international conference "Progress and trends in BIONANOSCOPY". In 2011 a Nobel prize winner Ivar Giaever (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1973) took part in conference as a speaker and a honored guest.

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