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Training "Scanning Probe Microscopy"

Nanoscopy training is a most efficient way for students studying in field of nanotechnology; it includes a wide range of equipment, educational programs and presentations for nanoscopy research - the most effective way to teach today's students nanotechnology.

"FemtoScan Online traning" is a fully equipped laboratory for 7-25 workplaces. At the lab students get an introduction to nanotechnology in 5-6 sessions. A more detailed study can be achieved through Internet access to the laboratory (from home, lab or an Internet cafe).


Program of training course


FemtoScan Laboratory system includes:

  • one or several microscopes FemtoScan supplied with Image processing software FemtoScan Online

  • a set of programs for demonstration of nanotechnology possibilities

  • system security and access control system

  • high-speed network with a central server station

  • software for the microscope operating and for data processing

  • workstations for data processing

  • Nanotechnology Tutorial


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Educational course "Scanning probe microscopy"



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