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FemtoScan Laboratory

FemtoScan Laboratory is the most modern solution for effective teaching nanotechnology students of universities. The laboratory complex is a key element in the process of preparing qualified specialists.

New approach to the learning process

The development of nanoindustry depends on the level of training. We have created a training complex FemtoScan Laboratory, which is currently being successfully applied at the Physical and Chemical Faculties of Lomonosov Moscow State University.


The FemtoScan Laboratory complex includes everything needed for student education: one or several FemtoScan microscopes, workstations, consumables, etc. During the training, students get real experience in the field of nanotechnology: research on nano-objects, study surface properties, work with a microscope, imaging and interpretation of experimental data.

Organization of the learning process

All the necessary equipment and software for organizing the learning process is supplied with FemtoScan Laboratory. With the help of the laboratory you can organize distance learning for students

Execution control

With the help of FemtoScan Laboratory the teacher will be able to monitor the student's work in real time, as well as quickly assess the quality of his work.

Collaboration at a distance

FemtoScan Laboratory allows you to conduct joint research with colleagues located in other research centers or other countries.

Shared database

The system provides the ability to create an extensive database of nanoscopy for the exchange, accumulation and systematization of the information received.

Ready materials for training

In the process of teaching students of Lomonosov Moscow State University developed techniques and materials for teaching nanotechnology, which are included in the FemtoScan Laboratory complex.


  • one or several FemtoScan microscopes

  • workstations for data processing

  • additional electronics (video surveillance, remote control of lighting, temperature)

  • security and access control system

  • high speed network with central serve

  • software for working with a microscope, processing data




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