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One of the largest popscience festivals has started in Russia!


The event-program of "Ideas Festival" (November 30-December 4) includes lectures of world-famous science popularizers, discussions with scientists, entrepreneurs, writers, travelers, and interactive installations.
"The Ideas Festival in the first place is intended to popularize science, scientific thought and modern way of thinking. "Vokrug Sveta" - Journal of energetic, in all senses young and vital people - in this case, in fact, the secret of magazines' amazing long existence.

Popular science program

Among the most prominent participants of the Ideas Festival is "internet guru" Richard Stallman, the founder and promoter of the worldwide movement for the free circulation of intellectual achievements of mankind. Advocate of a radical liberalization of copyright, the development of free software, "open source", Stallman appeals to guests of the Festival with a lecture about the ethical issues of intellectual property and copyright in the digital age.

The famous physicist and Nobel Prize for Physics in 2004, David Gross, will also deliver a lecture at the Festival.


By the initiative of the Festival partner RUSNANO discussion "What ideas gain value?" will take place on December the 4. 
Success stories of those who could bring scientific ideas into working models of business projects. Participants in the roundtable: General Director of "The Russian materials and technologies," Gennady Gromov, founder and CEO of "Advanced Technologies Center", Professor of Moscow State University, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Igor Yaminsky, CEO of 'Dvina', Doctor of Physics and Mathematics , Professor Mikhail Sapozhnikov.

Interactive installation


150-year history of the magazine development, civilization and scientific ideas will be presented in multimedia installations on the Ideas Festival.
The Discovery Channel one of the Festival partners will show scientific and educational films on different themes: from the appearance of the universe to the problems of bioethics.

During the Festival, guests can get acquainted with the possibilities of a supercomputer IBM Watson, equipped with a system of artificial intelligence. In February 2011 the car has beaten two absolute champions of  Russian analouge of intellectual challenge show "Jeopardy"


RUSNANO and Advanced Technologies Center will present an installation with a demonstration of the scanning probe microscope FemtoScan. Guests can actually see the atoms in 3D and participate in an unusual experiment.
Welcome to the world of Ideas Festival on December 4!
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