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10 reasons to buy scanning probe microscope created by Advanced Technologies Center

  1. 1. “FemtoScan” is a scientific Scanning Probe Microscope. Main scanning modes allowing to study all surface features are realized in “FemtoScan”. The resolution limit of our microscope is a fraction of an Ångstrom along the surface, and is a few hundredths of an Ångstrom perpendicular to the surface, that allows us to distinguish individual atoms.
  2. 2. Scanning probe microscope is quite new equipment for laboratory research, so the first prototypes were developed 20-25 years ago. The first series production was launched twenty years ago in the USA. The first series production in Russian Federation was initiated by developers who founded afterwards “Advanced Technologies Center”.
  3. 3. The microscope is supplied with one of the World`s best software for 3D-image processing – “FemtoScan Online”. This software was created in a parallel with developing of the microscope; therefor it perfect combines a set of functions for image processing and a powerful mathematic package.
  4. 4. “FemtoScan” is easy to use. It can be used not only for research but also for students training and education.
  5. 5. ATC company is the official distributor of major manufactures of consumables for scanning probe microscopes. It makes your work much more convenient and that simplifies the process of simultaneous order of several items of products.
  6. 6. ATC company and Join Scanning Probe Microscopy Group at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) collaborate more than 15 years. Great experience grained, many scientific articles written. SPM training for students conducted using “FemtoScan” scanning probe microscope. Microscopes “FemtoScan” have been successfully used at Faculty of Chemistry and Faculty of Physics of Lomonosov Moscow State University. SPM training has been established at Faculty of Chemistry of MSU. This training is included in the mandatory education program.
  7. 7. “FemtoScan” scanning probe microscope is three times cheaper than Russian analogues, and more than 3-5 times cheaper than western analogues.
  8. 8. “FemtoScan” is suitable for research in physics, chemistry, biology and material science. There are different modifications that take into account research features.
  9. 9. In the nearest future, with the development of new technologies (nanotechnology, nanomedicine, etc), the scanning probe microscope will be a major and necessary tool for scientist; as well as today an optical microscope is indispensable in the work of biologist.
  10. 10. A team of professionals from ATC company is always happy to assist in your scientific research. We guarantee products quality and a high level of service.

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